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Our Bait Vending Machine

  • 24hr Frozen & Live Bait
  • Built and manufactured in Iowa, USA
  • Individually climate tested
  • Online sales and revenue tracking

In May of 2012 Bait N Go Australia joined forces with Big Rock Sports and The Wittern Group of Des Moines, Iowa (est. 1931) to produce and manufacture a machine that would revolutionise the way Australians and New Zealander’s fish. Simply put the Dual Zone is the only “Live and Frozen” bait & tackle vending machine built for the Australia & New Zealand climate in the world. This machine is the first of its kind worldwide with dual zone temperature ranges offering both live and frozen bait in the same vendor with the addition of world leading technology and state of the art components , flawless design and no compromise engineering we are proud to offer you the Dual Zone live/frozen bait vendor.

The Bait N Go dual Zone machine is a 24 Hour Bait Shop that allows you to never miss a sale, and opens up a great supplemental market for business owners giving them a competitive edge, while adding a safe and reliable revenue stream to their current business. The Dual Zone machines are great for anyone who is looking for a supplemental income.

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Our bait is 100% sourced and harvested in Australia, available in a range of Frozen or Live. All of our packaging is 100% bio-degradable with Zip lock ties and upright stand-able bottoms. Environmentally friendly as well as our 'no mess no fuss' packaging. - "from the ocean to the machine"

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Our tackle range includes all the tools to fish available at our vending machines. This includes a variety of hook sizes, jigs, fishing lines, sinkers, swivels and lures all carefully selected to meet your fishing needs and "Change the Way You Fish".

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About Bait 'N' Go

Bait N Go was established with a simple vision to change the way we fish in Australia. After years of innovation, researching new concepts and finding solutions for fishing made easy we are pleased to introduce the world’s first outdoor dual zone bait vending machine. Bait N Go values the three E’s, expertise, excellence and experience and strives to ensure 100 per cent customer satisfaction.

As experienced fisherman we know that using the right bait is a must if you want that ‘catch of the day’. Our extensive research of the bait industry, brought us to the conclusion that there is a major lack of quality bait available for the early morning fisherman or the late night last minute recreational fisher. This is why we have decided to make quality bait and tackle available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. With our no fuss low maintenance bait vending machine you can take that last minute recreational fishing trip or enjoy your early morning fishing without the worry of finding quality bait. Imagine getting the ‘catch of the day’ every day.

The Bait N Go team’s main focus is to fill the current void in fishing when it comes to convenience and quality bait and tackle. We want to freshen up the Australian fishing industry through our combination of cutting edge technology and design, manufacturing and our expertise in Australian fishing. We know that our world first live and frozen bait vending machine has the power to do all of this and more.

Our machines are made from only the best American steel and every individual part inside the Bait N Go Dual Zone is quality assured by a Senior Engineer from The Wittern Group. With over 75 years’ experience in manufacturing vending machines you can be sure that our machines are durable and long lasting. This machine does all of the work so you don’t have to, its flawless design ensures that it will appeal to the consumer in any location and also create a great piece of art for the front of any store or service station.

This exciting new concept would not have been possible without our friends at Big Rock Sports and The Wittern Group to design, produce and deliver a bait vending machine that would withstand the harsh Australian climate. The Wittern Group of Des Moines, Iowa USA have been a world leader in innovative product vending for over 75yrs and continue to lead the industry when it comes to quality.

The Dual Zone machine is exclusively designed and manufactured for Bait 'N' Go.